Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is based on hot pressurized water, that’s it!

Have you enjoyed a cup of espresso or eaten rice from a rice-cooker recently? The food industry uses hot pressurized water all the time to make delicious foods and drinks faster, with more flavor.

Our manufacturing system takes hot pressurized water to the extreme to produce chemicals. Scientifically, this is known as a hydrothermal manufacturing process that uses supercritical water, which has very different and unique properties than water we use for drinking, bathing, and pretty much everything. It’s hard to imagine, but think about the drastic differences between ice, water, and steam; supercritical water is still water but with very different properties. Under the right engineered conditions, we use supercritical water to produce nanomaterials in a continuous fashion with narrow particle size distributions, high chemical selectivity, and high scalability.

The best part, we don’t need toxic solvents or harsh chemicals and nearly all the water we use can be recycled and reused!