"Bringing advanced materials to life in the form of innovations that matter to the broader global market is what inspires us."


Dimien is proud to have been selected as one of 113 semi-finalists from nearly 7000 applicants from around the globe competing for $5 Million in investments that will be made to 11 finalist in the World's Largest Business Plan competition ever ... 43 North


Our mission at Dimien is to develop and commercialize materials that lead to product innovations of importance to the broader global market. Our objective is to bring today's advanced materials technologies to enhance product capabilities spanning multiple industries. With an emphasis on accelerating time to market, we focus on transitioning laboratory innovations into commercially viable products with agility and efficiency. 

Today, Dimien is best known for advancing the commercialization of an infrared switchable coating that brings a highly advanced material to controlling solar heat gain in buildings. Our focus on its application to glass has shown significant promise in the next-generation of energy efficient windows ... i.e. smart windows. The result is significant improvements in energy efficiency while improving building comfort. 

Dimien has been the beneficiary of multiple grants and awards to accelerate its technology development and commercialization efforts. To date, this has included awards from the National Science Foundation, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, University at Buffalo Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, the New York State Business Plan Competition, in addition to in-kind support from our strategic alliances.